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Dog Walking Tool - Front Clip Harness

Turn walks into joy for both you and dog!

Walking your dog on leash can be a total drag when your dog is nearly pulling you off your feet, unless you have the right dog walking tool.  Going for walks is one of our dogs favorite things in the world.  No one enjoys being dragged down the sidewalk & our dog walking adventures become fewer and farther between when it’s no longer fun for the human end of the leash.  One simple tool can change your walks back into joy for both you and your dog.

Best dog walking tool = Best Harness for walking your dog:

A front clip harness can turn those walks back into the joy you dreamed of when you first brought your dog home.  It’s the best dog walking tool I’ve used.  My personal favorite is the Freedom No-Pull Harness.  Smart design & construction makes for ease of getting on or off, along with safe & comfortable for your dog.

Best Dog Walking Harness
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Why is the Freedom No-Pull Harness the best dog walking tool?

I’ve personally used many varying tools over the years for dogs at our dog daycare and with my Twin Cities dog training clients. Unfortunately, I had my days when I didn’t know better either and used tools that could cause emotional distress for my own previous dogs.  It’s what the pros told us we had to do for dogs then. Shock collars, choke collars and pinch collars used to be the go to for most dog trainers. Fortunately, today we know better. Just as we’ve progressed in best practices for teaching children good manners, we continue to learn more about our dogs too.

The key to the Freedom No-Pull harness is where the leash attaches – in the front at your dogs chest.  Most of you who’ve tried harnesses with no relief to the problem used harnesses that are designed after those that were used for mushing.  The leash clips to the back and the straps of the harness distributes your dogs power giving more leverage TO PULL!  *Us silly humans.*

The leash clipped to the front of your dog at his chest, causes him to turn around in the wrong direction when he pulls. Remember: “Dogs do what works”!  If your dog is trying to get to something ahead and every time the leash tightens he turns the other direction…your pup will have that “A’ha” moment.  He’ll realize this isn’t working in the way he wants.  It takes a little trial and error on his part, but he’ll learn.  Your job is to keep yourself calm and not add power struggle until he dopes it out for himself.  😉

Walking your dog is good for you both!

If your anything like me, you easily get caught up in the never-ending *to do’s* in life.  My boy Buddha helps me find that elusive present moment I’m forever seeking and reading about.  His joy on our walks is contagious!  If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t get out everyday.  Because of him and that contagious joy, I’m reminded to get my own joy on and smell those roses.

Don’t forget to tell me in the comments about your dog walking struggles.  I’ll be responding to your comments & questions. All of us joining together will make our communities better for people & dogs!

Until next time, Have Fun & Enjoy Your Dog!

Jody Karow – CTC

Your Personal Puppy Expert, Dog Life Coach & Online Dog Trainer

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Jody Karow - CTC

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