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Lola & 4 Newborn Puppies…Safe Hands Rescue Kids

Welcome to our foster puppy live streaming webcamThe nursery is buzzing with adorableness once again!  Dottie, a foster ...
Motivating your dog in Twin Cities, MN

No Fail Motivation Plan for a Go Anywhere Dog™ | Minneapolis, MN

Dog Training Motivation - Properly motivated dogs live better lives!All dog training takes motivation!  No motivation = No ...
Dog Parenting by Minneapolis Dog Expert

A Woman’s Way To Dog Parenting

Have you ever been told you’re not “Alpha” enough? Or, someone may have told you your dog is ...
Happy Dogs in Minneapolis, MN

Is Your Dog Happy?

A Tired HAPPY dog is a good dog! Is Your Dog Happy? We’ve all heard the old adage ...
2018 Top 10 Dog Games

2018 Top 10 Games Dogs Love to Play | Tire Out Your Dog

Go Anywhere Dog™ Top 10 Energy Burners for Social Family Dogs Let's set your dog up for success! ...
Dog Walking Tools for Minneapolis Lakes

Best Dog Walking Tool | Go Anywhere Dog™ | Minneapolis, MN

Turn walks into joy for both you and dog! Walking your dog on leash can be a total ...

Puppy Classes

Get started with Puppy Class right away! Begin here for puppies under 18 weeks old. Positive reinforcement training with your puppy's development in mind.

Puppy Classes Info

Adult Dog Classes

Time to build skills for good manners & social savvy, preparing your dog to go anywhere with you.

Dog Classes Info

Virtual eCourse

Learn a simple, fun and effective system for raising a well mannered and socially savvy dog.

Online Dog Class Info

In Home Dog Training

Let's fix your puppy & dog behavior problems with a solid plan executed at your home or out in the real world where the problem happens.

In Home Training Info