Private Dog Training In Your Home

Are you dealing with dog behavior problems?

We got you! with our Private In Home Dog Training Sessions.

Whether you want your dog to come when called, walk nicely on leash, stop barking at everything or your dog is experiencing fear or aggression problems…We got you! You’ll have a professional dog trainer, dog behavior specialist come to your home and execute a plan alongside you.  Our Dog Life Coaches are prepared with solutions for all your dog training needs.

In Home Dog Training, servicing: Minneapolis, Edina, Richfield, Bloomington, Minnetonka, Wayzata, Eden Prairie, St Louis Park and Hopkins.

If you live outside our service area, no problem.  We got you via Zoom Counseling and Solutions.


We begin with a consultation where we
discover, counsel, plan and start training right away

We begin with a consultation where we discover, counsel, plan and start training right away.

Ultimate Puppy Training Packages, Minneapolis, Edina, Minnetonka, Richfield, Bloomington, Hopkins, Eden Prairie

What type of dog training methods do you use?

We use positive reinforcement training to build behaviors. We use appropriate consequences (never anything scary, painful or intimidating) to clearly communicate to your dog what behaviors are desired and/or undesired. When working with fear or aggression we use classical conditioning to modify the underlying emotions which are causing the undesired behavior. We believe in getting to the root of the behavior for optimal modification for each individual dog.

We have the educational credentials and extensive experience to meet the needs of you and your dog.

In Home Puppy Training, Minneapolis, Edina, Minnetonka, Richfield, Bloomington, Saint Louis Park

How many in home dog training sessions will my dog need?

The number of in-home dog training sessions needed will vary greatly, depending on your dogs current level of training, your dogs personality, and how long your dog has been practicing the behavior. We'll discuss and answer all your questions at your initial consultation.

We guarantee we'll always provide you with a clear understanding of your dog's behavior and what it will take to achieve the results you want. We'll also ensure you have the management tools to lessen rehearsal of any problematic behaviors until a modification plan has been executed.

We got you!

In Home Dog Training, Minneapolis, Edina, Minnetonka, Richfield, Bloomington, Saint Louis Park, Hopkins

Initial In Home
Dog Training Consultation

A consult is a great first step if you have naughty behaviors to address or concerns about fear & aggression. The in-home consult enables your Dog Life Coach to gather information in order to develop a unique plan to support you and your dog.

Initial Consultation: $180
3+ Session Packages:
$125 per session

Perfect Puppy Privates

Puppy Classes & Dog Classes in Minneapolis, MN

20-Pack Puppy Privates - $2,500

It’s your puppy’s time to shine! In order to achieve all of your training and socialization goals (and make sure they stick for good!) we offer two different private training packages for puppies.

Here’s how you get your puppy off to the best start possible. We’ve specifically designed this package to make raising a Go Anywhere Dog practically foolproof. Your very own Dog Life Coach will come to you for a total of 20 private sessions that are intentionally structured to support your puppy through each developmental stage. From play biting to potty training to crazy leash manners, we’ll counsel you through it all.

For the majority of the these visits, it will be just your puppy and his Coach, but we’ll ask for your participation in a minimum of four sessions. Expect us to be totally hands-on, doing most of the hard work for you. In addition to socialization experience, we’ll get your pup solid with his obedience skills.


Your 20 sessions will be broken down as follows:

10-Pack Puppy Privates - $1,250

This is a condensed version of our 20 visit package, but we still achieve a whole dang lot! We’ll handle socialization experiences and install foundational obedience behaviors for you to finish developing on your own. You’ll be expected to join your Dog Life Coach on at least 2 visits, but otherwise your puppy is entirely in the hands of a pro.

We’ll work through 10 sessions specifically geared towards your pup’s current developmental stage.

Dog Training in Minneapolis, MN

In addition to everything listed above, you’ll also enjoy:

Want even more? Check out our Ultimate Puppy Package, which combines our private session packages
with group classes, zoom consults, VIP perks, and more. If you want it all, this is the full enchilada!

Naughty Dog Consultation

Dog Training Classes near me, Minneapolis, Edina, Bloomington, Richfield, Minnetonka, Eagan, MN

Initial Consultation - $180

Aww, shucks. Somebody’s being naughty! We gotta get the full picture before we can recommend your next steps. Sign up for a 60 minute consult and we’ll come to your house, learn about your pup’s problems, and come up with a plan to fix them. After your initial consultation, we’ll leave you with interim management tools so you can survive your current situation while we work towards a long-term solution.

The 'Fraidy Cat' or Rage Machine

Initial Consultation - $180

Whoa, Nelly! These problems only become more severe as time goes on. We gotta get the full picture before we can recommend the next best steps. Sign up for a consultation ASAP so we can help your pup to regain his zen and start feeling safe. We’ll come to your house and figure out what the heck is happening.

Together we’ll come up with a plan to safely deal with those big feelings. After your initial consultation, we’ll leave you with interim management tools so you and your pup can start on the road to recovery right away.

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