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#1 Easy Dog Treat Recipe Used by the Pros | Minneapolis, MN


#1 Dog training treat used by the pros

My colleagues from The Academy for Dog Trainers introduced us to the Tuna Fudge recipe to use for dog training.  It took several mentions of this dog treat recipe before we decided to make it and check it out for ourselves.  It turned out super easy to make a batch.  Not only that, it was the perfect consistency for our dog training purposes.  We also love how easy it is to baggy up portions and store in the freezer (keeping it fresh) until we are ready to use another bag.  After that first batch we were sold.  Easy to make, cut up and store, with the perfect consistency made it our number one go to for all our dog training needs.

Dog treat recipe that your dog will love

Tuna Fudge is the dog training treat I always have on hand.  In fact, to date I have only had one dog turn her nose up at it.  But then again Seri is one of the most selective dogs I’ve ever known.  It was not surprising that she had no interest in my Tuna Fudge.

Dog Treat Recipe

Baxter loves Tuna FudgePhoto by Karin Newstrom Photography

Most dogs have been just like Baxter whose eyes nearly popped out after his first bite!  Dog after dog I have trained have voted and no doubt about it Tuna Fudge wins the gold star for dogs favorite homemade dog training treat.  Even the puppies we train are crazy about it and you can easily break each piece into smaller pieces without crumbling for the teeny tiny pups.

This dog homemade treat will save on your pocketbook

Eight full baggies of doggy deliciousness for only $4!  It’s about a weeks worth of training treats for your dog.  At least we hope you are training enough in those early days with your puppy or dog to work your way through that full batch.  (hint, hint) 😉

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Tuna Fudge, the healthy, homemade dog treat recipe:

4 – 5 oz cans Tuna with water (do not drain)4 eggs3 cups flourMix all eggs and tuna in a large bowl, then gradually mix in flour.Spread out over greased cookie sheet (very important that it is greased)Bake at 350 degrees for 40 minutesLet cool.  Use pizza cutter to custom cut into small pieces perfect for your dog.Fill ziplock baggies and put them in the freezer and just pull out one baggy at a time for what you need.  Super cheap, super easy and most dogs love them!  Makes a large batch and keeps treats prep easy.If you do give Tuna Fudge a try, tell us how your dog liked it in the comments below!

Until next time, Have Fun & Enjoy Your Dog!

Jody Karow – CTC

Dog Life Coach & Founder of Go Anywhere Dog™

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