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2018 Top 10 Games Dogs Love to Play | Tire Out Your Dog

Go Anywhere Dog™ Top 10 Energy Burners for Social Family DogsLet’s set your dog up for success! Do you know the #1 reason behind most dog behavior problems?  It’s a lack of exercise and enrichment for your dog.  Doggy boredom leads to digging in the yard, chewing all the wrong stuff and explosive energy that comes […]

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Best Dog Walking Tool | Minneapolis, MN

Turn walks into joy for both you and dog!Walking your dog on leash can be a total drag when your dog is nearly pulling you off your feet, unles you habve the right dog walking tool.  Going for walks is one of our dogs favorite things in the world.  No one enjoys being dragged down […]

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No Fail Motivation Plan for a Go Anywhere Dog™ | Minneapolis, MN

Dog Training Motivation – Properly motivated dogs live better lives! All dog training takes motivation!  No motivation = No training.  When you have plans for living a social lifestyle with your dog, you’ll want to motivate your dog through things he likes.  You give your dog things he really likes for good behavior and take […]

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Dog Body Language: How to Speak Dog | Minneapolis, MN

Dog Body Language: How to Speak DogJust like us, your new puppy or dog sometimes feels happy, scared, tense or angry. Your puppy cannot express how he’s feeling to you with words. He’s trying his best to communicate to you, but he doesn’t speak your language. I know how much you want to understand and help […]

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#1 Easy Dog Treat Recipe Used by the Pros | Minneapolis, MN

  #1 Dog training treat used by the pros My colleagues from The Academy for Dog Trainers introduced us to the Tuna Fudge recipe to use for dog training.  It took several mentions of this dog treat recipe before we decided to make it and check it out for ourselves.  It turned out super easy […]

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Puppy Socialization in Bloomington, MN

Puppy Socialization | Go Anywhere Dog™ | Minneapolis, MN

Puppy Socialization is both great fun and essential. Puppies between the age of 3 weeks to 18 weeks are in their Socialization Stage. During this stage, it’s critical that you introduce your puppy to a variety of people, animals, sounds, things and places to ensure proper puppy socialization. Just the anticipation of the first day bringing […]

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