Dog Behavior & Training

Dog Behavior Problems

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Everybody starts with a little naughty! We’ve got fantastic human friendly and dog friendly methods for overcoming some of that naughtiness you cannot possibly live with long term. It’s a simple system you’ll need to learn. But it’s a one solution fits most dog behavior problems sort of deal…as long as that behavior problem isn’t evoked by fear.

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Dog Jumping Up

First, it's important to understand you dog jumping up on people means your dog LOVES people.  This is a wonderful thing. But we all want to harness some of that enthusiasm and teach a more polite way to say "Hello" by our furry friend. This video will walk you through step by step to teaching your dog how to best greet humans instead.

Dog Time Out

You need a simple system for teaching your dog the right things to do and teaching them compliance with those rules is not an option. Your Dog Life Coach, Jody Karow takes you through everything you need to know to execute time outs effectively for puppies and dogs. Once you fully understand proper execution of time outs for puppies and dogs, you'll be on your way to bliss with your best friend.