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Raising a Go Anywhere Dog™ begins with getting to know your pup.  We begin with Dog Body Language where you’ll learn how to SEE when your dog is struggling emotionally.  The key to a Go Anywhere Dog™ is your ability to recognize when fear or anxiety is present.  No one is ever free of all fear in this life, nor is any dog. Once you’re able to recognize fear and anxiety in your dog, we’ll explore further into common fears, aggression related behavior and dog/dog play with assistance in diagnosis when play goes wrong.  Also a big part of getting to know you is puppy socialization, where we’ll cover how to socialize your puppy alleviating many fears that could arise.

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Dog Body Language

When you're able to see how you're dog is coping in any situation, you're empowered to help your dog overcome fears and anxiety. It all begins with Dog Body Language! Your dog will never be able to put words to his/her emotions. Fortunately, once you're a little versed in those visual tells, you'll no longer be left in the dark. Awareness is the beginning of all change.

Puppy Socialization

Raising a Go Anywhere Dog™ begins with actively executing puppy socialization activities. In this video you'll learn all the important things you'll want to expose your puppy to during the puppy socialization period. The socialization period is a short window from approximately 3 weeks - 18 weeks of age.  When we take advantage of this window of adaptability for your puppy, we can prevent fear and aggression down the road for your dog.

Is your dog already older than 18 weeks? Go ahead and still watch this video. The puppy socialization period provides a time where adaptability is easier, but socialization activities will continue to be a priority for everyone desiring a Go Anywhere Dog™.

Fear in Dogs

Fears make life smaller! This video will give you a deep dive into understanding fears for dogs. You'll also be empowered knowing how to handle situations when you see your puppy or dog is fearful. A Go Anywhere Dog™ has a human that understands him/her and knows what to do when those scary things arise.

Aggression in Dogs

Your dog displaying aggression is the #1 thing that will squash your dreams of a Go Anywhere Dog™.  But, it doesn't have to in most cases. When you understand why your dog is acting out aggressively and know what to do, often you can help your dog overcome the fears or frustration that's at the root of that aggressive display. This video will guide you through common triggers that are at the root of dog aggression. We'll also discuss growling, snarling and snapping, along with why you never want to punish your dog for such emotional displays.

Off Leash Dog Play

Off leash dog play can be a bit unnerving for anyone that is isn't versed on what's normal and what's not. This video is aimed at getting you fully informed! What makes up good play between dogs? What exactly to do when you're unsure whether your dog is scared or having fun? What are common dog play problems that arise? And most importantly...what do you do.