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Puppy Training Essentials

5 Lessons Beginner

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Modern best practices for teaching puppy the basics for living in harmony together. We’ve got much better methods for potty training, puppy play biting and crate training then our grandparents had. How you teach your puppy these basics will have great impact on your relationship. You need a relationship based on trust and love for a Go Anywhere Dog! Let’s Do This.

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Puppy Potty Training

Housetraining 101 for puppies! Don't ask Google, as you'll likely get a lot of outdated methods for teaching your puppy to potty outside. It's the first lesson we're tasked with teaching our puppies.  Which means it's the foundation in building a healthy, happy relationship. We've got you covered with modern expert advice for ridding your home of stinky soiling. You've got this, it just takes a little patience and guidance.

Puppy Chewing Wrong Stuff

EVERYTHING is a chew toy to a puppy! Yes, your puppy will want to put everything in his/her mouth, just like a human baby. This is normal. Let's ensure your puppy learns quickly which things are his/her toys and which things are off limits. And just like human babies, pacifiers are very helpful. You'll learn what works great to serve as your puppies pacifier.

Puppy Crate Training

Whether you plan to use a crate for your puppy overnight or when your away or not, crate training is an important task. Your puppy or dog will need to be crated sometimes at the vet or the groomer. Let's ensure your puppy learns to relax in the crate and that it's not a so bad place to be.

Puppy Play Biting

OUCH...those puppy teeth are razor sharp! Your puppy isn't being naughty, your puppy is trying to play. He/she has no idea at this point about the delicateness of human skin. We'll teach your puppy in a thoughtful, loving, but very effective way. This video will have you well on your way to enjoying playtime again with your puppy.

Dog Loose Leash Walking

Walking on leash is not natural for a puppy, dog or anyone. Fortunately, with a gentle, loving approach we can help your puppy nail walking nicely on leash. We'll make it enjoyable for both ends of the leash. It takes a little doing and practice, but you can do this.