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5 Lessons Beginner

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The key to a brilliant Go Anywhere Dog™ is teaching them key behaviors and how you’ll communicate them to your dog. These videos are going to take you step by step through teaching your dog 5 essential behaviors: Touch, sit, down, leave it and stay. With the Go Anywhere Dog™ methods, you’ll be astonished at how fast your dog can learn.

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Teaching Your Dog Touch

We're going to teach you the Touch game! This behavior has so many practical uses you'll love. One of those most practical uses is using it to teach your dog to come when called. Your dog won't come with his/her head hangin low, they'll come bounding to you with sheer glee in their heart.

Teaching Your Dog Sit

Step by step, learn to teach your dog to sit with hand signals and verbal cues. We're not teaching your dog HOW to sit.  Your dog came to you knowing that.  We're teaching your dog WHEN to sit and building communication between you and pup. Learn to teach your dog to sit through fun and play.

Teaching Your Dog Leave It

This is my personal favorite behavior!  Not only to teach, but for how useful it is in everyday life. We're going make your dog a believer that leave it is simply the way the world works. It's a unique approach to teaching leave it to your dog that gets you SUPERB results.