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Puppy Training Boot Camp

Puppy Training with 100% focus on Social Family Dogs

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Puppy Boot Camp Minneapolis




In Home Puppy Training Boot Camp

Offered In Minneapolis, Edina & Minnetonka Areas

Has puppyhood got you feeling overwhelmed? They really are lucky they're so cute! I can help you feel much less overwhelmed and turn puppyhood back into the joy you had hoped for when bringing your furry bundle of love home. If you have a busy life and need someone to do the heavy lifting to teach your puppy life skills and manners...I've got your back!

  • whats included 
  • Puppy Parent Counseling 
  • Puppy Socialization
  • Basic Obedience Training
  • Puppy Play Biting
  • Potty Training
  • Puppy Chew Training
  • Puppy Leash Skills
  • Go Anywhere Dog™ eCourse
Go Anywhere Dog Behavior Experts

Words from Jean Donaldson listed by Dog Fancy in the Top 45 People changing the world for dogs!

Here is a marriage of high, high quality information with smart, user-friendly delivery, and on a topic dear to my heart: dog behavior and training. My fervent hope is to see Go Anywhere Dog change many thousands of dogs' and guardians' lives, and, knowing how good the team is, I'm willing to bet on it."

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What Can You Expect from Puppy Bootcamp?

Let's take the frustration out of puppyhood and help you enjoy this time with your new puppy.

Puppy Training Essentials
Helping You Get Started Out On The Right Paw!

Puppy play biting, potty training and chewing only his/her stuff. These are the big 3 to get resolved right away. Once we have these manners taught, life will already improve with puppy.

Then we move onto teaching your puppy life skills and a communication system that opens up loads of great fun for all...humans and puppy.  We'll begin with recall, leave-it, sit, down and stay.  No worries, we'll teach these behaviors to puppy and later teach you how to use them to replace the current puppy chosen behaviors causing you grief.

Next, we begin using puppy's new life skills in real life.  Sit to greet people politely, walk nicely on leash without pulling and much more we'll uncover fitting your personal needs.

Puppy Socialization
From 8 - 18 Weeks Is Your Puppy's Socialization Period

During this time your puppy is genetically prepared to soak up lots of information.  Those first and early experiences will shape how your puppy feels about all the things he/she will encounter in life.

We'll get your puppy out of the house and ensure all those first and early experiences are filled with fun. This will give me the opportunity with professional eyes to uncover any fears or frustrations that can later lead to anxiety or aggression. We'll discuss everything I learn about your puppy along the way and put efforts towards prevention of future behavior problems that stem from fear and frustration.

During the puppy socialization period we can help your puppy feel confident among people, dogs and the various environments puppy will experience living a social lifestyle. Our goal is to prepare your puppy for living a full and enriched life going anywhere you want to take him/her.

Wait There's More! Class Bonuses!

Free Online Training & Community Beyond The Classroom

When you walk out of your puppy training class, you won't be alone. You’ll have full access to our DogSense Online eCourse,

so you’re never alone on this puppy-raising journey, even while at home.  

Words From Your Class Instructor...

Dog Life Coach, Jody Karow CTC

Jody Karow, CTC

Twin Cities Certified Puppy & Dog Trainer & Dog Life Coach

"My goal is to make life better for you and your puppy or dog. Let's work together to end frustrations, getting back the joy between you and your furry best friend. I've created the most extensive resources available to help you achieve your goals including online dog behavior and training videos available to you anytime. Let's do this!" 

go anywhere dog

"Jody will help you make your dog the toast of the town."

Hope Bauer
Addison’s Mom,  Minneapolis, MN

go anywhere dog

"Shocked at how much my dog has improved with each class."

Lealoni Kuhn
Kaia’s Mom, Minneapolis, MN

go anywhere dog

"Jody's terrific with both dogs and humans, gives very clear advice."

Jill Locke
Piper’s Mom, Minneapolis, MN

PRICE: $880

Includes 8 Sessions & eCourse

Always 100% Kind and Loving Methods

Positive & Reward Based methods that really work!

Puppy Bootcamp Minneapolis
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