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Level 2 Dog Training

The Go Anywhere Dog™ Training Program is the ultimate program for Family Dogs

Academy for Dog Trainers Certified
Association of Professional Dog Trainers
Canine Good Citizen Evaluator
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Level 2 Dog Training

Go Anywhere Dog™ Program

ln Level 2 you'll learn effective modern rewards-based teaching methods for dogs. You'll also learn to apply all you and your dog have learned in the real world.

The Go Anywhere Dog™ Program puts you on the path for achieving the Canine Good Citizen certification and prepares those interested for Therapy Dog qualifications.

  • Topics Covered 
  • Whats included
  • Requirements
  • Traveling with your dog - car, plane, hotels
  • Dog Park best practices
  • Overcoming Fears
  • Social outings with your dog - shopping, restaurant patios, breweries
  • Dog Safety during fun dog activities, such as hiking, swimming, kayaking, boating, etc.

High School Level Behavioral Skills:

  • By My Side positioning
  • High Intensity Recall Drills
  • Obedience Behaviors at a distance
  • Polite Greeting Skills of People and Dogs
  • Placement Work - Go to your mat and stay
  • Obedience Behaviors among big distractions
Certified Professional Dog Trainer

Words from Jean Donaldson listed by Dog Fancy in the Top 45 People changing the world for dogs!

Here is a marriage of high, high quality information with smart, user-friendly delivery, and on a topic dear to my heart: dog behavior and training. My fervent hope is to see Go Anywhere Dog change many thousands of dogs' and guardians' lives, and, knowing how good the team is, I'm willing to bet on it."

We've been featured on...

Minneapolis St Paul Magazine
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Class Benefits

Off Leash Classes filled with Fun and Learning

Our classes are primarily off leash, while we continue to address leash skills too. We're going to teach your dog skills for playing nicely with dog friends.

Build skills for everyday life

You'll build clear communication and skills you'll use in everyday life.

Human and dog friendly rewards-based methods

In Level 2 you'll learn effective modern rewards-based teaching methods for dogs. You'll also learn to apply all you and your dog have learned in the real world. 

Wait There's More! Class Bonuses!

Free Online Training & Community Beyond The Classroom

When you walk out of your puppy training class, you won't be alone. You’ll have full access to our DogSense Online eCourse, so you’re never alone on this puppy-raising journey, even while at home.  And you'll become a part of our Go Anywhere Dog™ community!  Our Facebook exclusive group provides you camaraderie, new friends for playdates, and additional live office hours for questions and answers with your dog life coach.  

Minneapolis Dog Trainer, Jody Karow CTC

I want to help you bring out the very best in your dog and you.

Dogs are magnificent fun and their ability to adjust in social family life is inspiring.  In learning about dogs navigating our modern world, I've discovered we're not as different as we think.  I'd love to be part of this journey with you.

JODY KAROW - CTC  //  Puppy Expert & Dog Life Coach

Safe Hands Rescue Puppy

"Jody will help you make your dog the toast of the town."

Hope Bauer
Addison’s Mom,  Minneapolis, MN

Hound Mix Edina

"Techniques are easy to understand and actually effective!"

Jaclyn Mennie
Martin Banks, Lily, P.J. & Dezi’s  Mom, Edina, MN

English Lab Mpls

"Shocked at how much my dog has improved with each class."

Lealoni Kuhn
Kaia’s Mom, Minneapolis, MN

Rescue Hound Minneapolis

"Jody's terrific with both dogs and humans, gives very clear advice."

Jill Locke
Piper’s Mom, Minneapolis, MN

Join Us Now For Only $159

It takes a village to raise a socially savvy Go Anywhere Dog™.  A village is exactly what we've created, making puppyhood more fun.

Level 2 Dog Training Minneapolis


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