A Puppy School Like No Other.

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Let’s go beyond sit and stay. Let’s raise a puppy who’s
an absolute joy to live with.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; we’re different from the rest. Every single piece of our puppy class curriculum is thoughtfully designed and scientifically proven to give you a happy, confident, and easy-to-live-with roommate.

Puppy Training Classes Near Me


Watch your puppy succeed, class by class.

You can do this. Promise. We designed our puppy training class curriculum to be accessible to anyone – even first-time puppy parents with zero experience. If you work through our class series and make an earnest attempt at doing the weekly homework, we guarantee you’ll have spectacular results.


Go Anywhere Dog
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We go so far beyond dog training that we don’t even call ourselves “dog trainers” anymore. We’re geeky behavior
nuts who believe whole heartedly that your dog is family.
But since “geeky-behavior-nuts-who-believe-whole-heartedly-that-your-dog-is-family” doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, we’ve coined a new phrase: Dog Life Coaches.  We’ll go so far as to say we’re your #1 Minneapolis Dog Trainers. We got you!


Tell us about your good boy or good girl.

Puppy and Me Class

Our puppy kindergarten classes in Minneapolis are all about prevention! Let’s kick problems to the curb before they even happen. We tackle all of the typical puppy woes and teach you how to survive puppyhood without doing damage to your pup’s social and emotional wellbeing. We also cram in tons of positive puppy socialization experiences and begin laying the foundation for the obedience behaviors taught in future classes.

(All puppies under 16 weeks start here!)
Life Skills 101 Puppy Class

Let’s build confidence and strengthen impulse control! In Life Skills 101 Puppy Training Class we install our foundational obedience behaviors on “easy” mode: touch, spin, twirl, peekaboo, sit, down, leave-it, and stay. You’ll learn how to recognize and understand your pup’s stage in development, as well as how to handle problem behaviors like counter surfing, jumping up, and pulling on leash. 

(All puppies over 16 weeks start here!)
Life Skills 201 Puppy Class

The training wheels are coming off! We take all of the behaviors you learned in Life Skills 101 and start making them more reliable. We also teach “by my side,” AKA the GAD version of heel. By this time, many dogs are  entering “adolescence” aka PUBERTY! (Ew.)  We’ll tell you everything you need to know to save your sanity and tame those big teenager feelings.

Life Skills 301 Puppy Class

This is impulse control on steroids! We work to perfect all of your behaviors so that they’re dependable in day-to-day life. We’re not joking when we say you’ll be able to call your dog to you through a literal tunnel of hamburgers and ask your dog to stay even while you leave the room.

Life Skills Outings Group Classes

If you’ve passed Life Skills 101 or beyond, you’re able to practice your GAD skills out in the wild! Come along with us as we visit breweries, dog parks, and the busy bandshell and trails of Lake Bde Maka Ska. We’ll teach you tips and tricks for every type of outing, and show you that you don’t need to be afraid to bring your dog out and about. Afterall, you’ve got a Go Anywhere Dog!

Puppies under 16 weeks

Puppy and Me
Puppy Classes

$ 169 USD
  • Social and Emotional Topics such as:
  • Reading dog body language
  • Puppy Socialization to a variety of people and dogs
  • Handling play biting, house training, and chewing woes
  • Recognizing and understanding developmental stages
  • Providing enrichment opportunities for mental health
  • Safe body handling for better grooming
  • Lay a foundation for: Leash walking skills, Come when called, Spin & Twirl, Peekaboo, Sit, Down, Off

Puppy and Me
Puppy Classes

$ 845 USD
  • Everything in Single Class Option +++
  • Puppy & Me (5 consecutive weeks)
  • Life Skills 101 (5 consecutive weeks)
  • Life Skills 201 (5 consecutive weeks)
  • Life Skills 301 (5 consecutive weeks)
  • Four Life Skills Outing Classes
  • Two 30-min zoom consultations with Jody or Emily

Want even more? Check out our Ultimate Puppy Training Package, which combines our private in home puppy training packages with group classes, zoom consults, VIP perks, and more. If you want it all, this is the full enchilada!

Puppies over 16 weeks

Life Skills 101
Puppy Class

$ 169 USD
  • Social and Emotional Topics such as:
  • Reading dog body language
  • Understanding adolescence and social maturity
  • Providing adequate exercise and enrichment
  • Strengthening impulse control and attention span
  • Handling jumping up & counter surfing
  • Confidence building
  • Lay a foundation for: Leash walking skills, Come when called, Spin & Twirl, Peekaboo, Sit, Down, Leave It, Stay

Life Skills 101
Puppy Class

$ 676 USD
  • Everything in Single Class Option+++
  • Life Skills 101 (5 consecutive weeks)
  • Life Skills 201 (5 consecutive weeks)
  • Life Skills 301 (5 consecutive weeks)
  • Four Life Skills Outing Classes
  • Two 30-min zoom consultations with Jody or Emily
  • One make-up class per class level
  • VIP Priority class registration
  • Optional Puppy Nanny upgrade, where we’ll pick up your pup and take him to class for you!

Dogs over 1 year.

We’d love for you to come and play, however our puppy training classes curriculum is tailored to puppies and their unique developmental needs. A classroom environment is also not an appropriate place to address adult behavioral problems or correct existing social skill deficits. But that doesn’t mean you’re SOL!

We’re totally down to help your pup with whatever he needs via private training. Sign up for your one-on-one 60 minute consultation below for $180.

Puppy Training Classes Near Me

Frequently Asked Questions

Our puppy training classes are taught off-leash. For real. We separate our classes by size and play style so everyone can get in on the fun, and your puppy learns how to focus on you no matter what. We also bolster your classroom learning with:

  • Our proprietary online eCourse
  • Weekly homework series
  • Private Facebook support group
  • Weekly LIVE Q&A sessions with your Dog Life Coaches
  • Monthly motivational giveaway contests
  • Puppy report cards to track your puppy’s progress

You can sign up for an individual 5-week class for $169, but we recommend checking out our full puppy training classes packages. By committing to our entire program, you get lots of extra perks including but not limited to:

  • One-on-one private Zoom consultations with your Dog Life Coach.
  • One free make-up class per level
  • Access to the class times that work best for you with VIP registration
  • Access to our Puppy Nanny, who will pick up your pup and take him to class for you. (Additional cost applies.)

Life happens! Clients who have purchased any of our class packages are eligible for one free make up session per level. They can also call on one of our puppy nannies for an additional fee. We will pick up your puppy and take him to class, where an experienced trainer will bang out reps and give him lots of lovin’. If you have registered for a single class only, we offer make-up sessions when available for an additional $25. If all else fails, you’ll still be able to complete the work at home thanks to our weekly homework and class recap emails.

Five weeks! Try your best to schedule your classes around your puppy’s spay or neuter surgery. Each class is important!

Our puppy training classes are 45 minutes long. Over the years, we’ve found that 45 minutes is the sweet spot for class length. Your puppy is guaranteed to go home tired, but he won’t be overworked. We’re working around your pup’s developing attention span, and ensuring that he enjoys his time in class.

We offer classes Monday through Friday with class start times ranging from 4:30-7:30PM. We also run classes on Saturday mornings, with start times between 9am and noon.

Yes. Age appropriate vaccinations are required, but that doesn’t mean your puppy needs his entire vacation series to be complete. Puppy class is so important to your dog’s overall health and wellbeing that it outweighs the minimal risk of catching something in class. Please read what the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior has to say about attending puppy classes before your puppies vaccinations are complete.

Whether you’re out sick or just plain ol’ busy, our Puppy Nannies come to the rescue! We’ll pick up your puppy, take him to class, and cram in lots of practice at the hands of a professional. You don’t have to lift a finger, but you still get to enjoy the tuckered-out puppy we deliver back to your house. This option is only available to our clients who register for a puppy training classes package or our Ultimate Puppy Program, and is an additional fee per use.

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