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Go Anywhere Dog throws out the old ways of how we communicate with and train dogs, and welcomes in a new era of leading with love, trust, and dignity- and the results are ASTONISHING.

We just finished our third round of classes (puppy, level 1, and level 2) with Jody and the Go Anywhere Dog team. We have had a fantastic experience, we really appreciate Jody’s approach and methods, both in class and the supplemental materials provided. She really understands dog behavior and does a great job breaking the training down into steps that are easy for both dogs and people to learn and feel successful. The small groups and off leash training have helped our pup with socialization and learning with distractions, and having two trainers in each class session really helps make sure each pet and owner gets support and attention. Our pup thoroughly enjoys her time at Go Anywhere Dog and we are confident that these trainings are setting her (and us) up for success. Thank you for a great experience GAD team, and we look forward to Level 3!

We have attended 3 courses with our new pup and every one has been great. Jody is an excellent dog trainer, and successfully uses top-notch behavioral theory. She clearly cares for dogs' wellbeing, and it shows in the way she interacts with both dogs and owners. The classes are fun, informative, and I can honestly say that my pup has benefited greatly.

I looked for puppy socialization classes for my little Spinner and chose GAD and I’m happy I did. From the first off leash puppy class to the last class of level 2, the experience has been positive and the support has been constant and encouraging. The progress Spinner has made in a few short months is remarkable and our confidence as dog owners has increased as well. People are constantly telling us our puppy is smart and well-behaved. He knows how to be around other dogs, enthusiastically inviting them to play and backing off when they’re not interested or are annoyed with his puppy antics. Our trainers, Emily and Ashley were professional, knowledgeable and interested in the progress of each pup and each owner. They got to know the personalities of each dog and help each owner increase their understanding of their own pup. Thank you so much Emily and Ashley for sharing your expertise so freely and effectively. We look forward to our next class at GAD.

We took Life Skills 101 with Go Anywhere Dog, and it was fantastic! Quincy started as a shy rescue pup and quickly began loving the positive environment with his new friends. He learned so much. Thank you, Jody and team!!!

Go Anywhere Dog is amazing. Such personal attention. We now have a beautifully trained puppy thanks to Jody. Dogs love her, and she can get them to enjoy everything they learn. My puppy is SO happy when Jody comes to the door!

Our puppy has just "graduated" from basic 101 training. We also use Emily at home for additional guidance. The classes and Emily's have provided really awesome guidance for day to day and minute to minute training tips. Go Anywhere Dog uses a very positive, reinforcing type training that seems to click with the dogs. Next step 201!

I cannot even put into words how thankful I am that I signed up the Ultimate Puppy Package with Go Anywhere Dog. I have always taken my new pups to dog training but have never done personal training and am glad I made the decision to do both! While I was out of town picking up my new pup, we had a house fire that turned our lives upside down. Ashley Fordyce has been so amazing helping socialize my girl and spending time with her twice a week to reinforce the training I have been doing and giving amazing advice on different approaches to mitigate undesired behaviors. This has been such an amazing experience that I signed up for 20 more personal training classes. Not because we have a problem, but because I really love her approach and know I am going to have an absolutely amazing girl that is well socialized and is extremely well behaved that everyone loves whether they are in my house or meet her out in the community.

Go Anywhere Dog is a great community and we have really enjoyed the training classes! The staff are extremely knowledgeable and will take the time to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your pup. Our dog just passed level 2 and we cannot wait to continue on to level 3! Highly recommend!

The best pup trainer – informed, kind and patient are words I would use to describe Jody. I would not trust my dog to anyone else.

We love GAD! We have now completed 3 separate classes, puppy, 101 and 201 and we plan on doing 301 as well! Our pup has blossomed through the classes and has made such great progress with manners and obedience. This is the best dog school I have found that teaches skills and obedience that are applicable in the real world.

We cannot sing enough praises for Go Anywhere Dog, especially the marvelous Emily! Our pup, Moxie, started her GAD journey when we first rescued her. Classes were extremely helpful, allowing us to learn and practice skills while socializing. Emily was an excellent coach and always made classes informational and fun! When we noticed that Moxie had anxiety and reactive behaviors, we didn’t know where to start and turned to GAD. Emily stepped right in with private sessions and we couldn’t be more grateful for her wisdom and care! She helped us understand Moxie’s needs and how to best help her. Emily is dog (& dog parent) centered! Sessions were focused on Moxie’s unique stressors and Emily showed dedication to finding solutions that worked for Moxie. Since starting private sessions, we have seen a very positive change in Moxie! She is less anxious and more trusting of us when navigating the big, scary world around her. We feel more confident in our ability to support Moxie and know that she will only continue to flourish with the skills that Emily taught us. Emily is a delight to work with and clearly has a heart for all pups! If you’re in need of classes or private sessions, look no further than GAD. We highly recommend them!

We had a great experience at GAD. We worked with Jody, Ashley and Jeanie. We love them all. They made class fun! They took extra care with our shy dog Skyy. We are excited to continue to learn from them. Thank you so much!

We adopted / rescued a young Golden Retriever from a pretty awful 'breeder' (puppy mill) situation. Sweet, loving dog, but she was kept in a kennel, inside, for the first six months of her young life. Going outside and doing 'normal' dog things (going on walks, etc.) were pretty terrifying. When Emily started training with us, our dog wouldn't leave the front stoop. She wouldn't walk on our front lawn. Wouldn't get in the car. Wouldn't cross the street. Wouldn't walk. After working with Emily for a handful of sessions, we have a new dog! ALL 100% positive reinforcements - everything learned through playing and treats. NOW, our dog goes in and out of the car, goes in and out of any door in our home, loves playing with other dogs, loves going on walks, travels and stays with us in hotel rooms, goes to dog parks and public places. We cannot say enough great things about Emily and Go Anywhere Dog - because we truly and honestly now have our OWN Go Anywhere Dog! What more could we ask for? Thank you!!!

We recently adopted a rescue dog from Safe Hands, and Jody and Jeannie have been a godsend! We love the off-leash class format and their emphasis on play, socialization and positive reinforcement. The online video tutorials are a super valuable resource — not to mention their spot-on advice, troubleshooting tips and yummy dog treat recipes! We’ve been blown away by the progress our pup has made in just a few short weeks. Jody and Jeannie are the BEST. They truly love what they do, and it shows. We can’t recommend them enough!

Emily was the absolute best trainer to work with!! So knowledgeable, friendly, and doesn’t shame any dog owner that is struggling! Both me and my golden, Poppy, learned so much. When I started our private sessions I felt like I’d never have a puppy that I could manage and now after only a few months I have a completely different dog all thanks to Emily! I loved the private training sessions as they are completely customizable and can be done wherever you feel like you have something you want to work on: in home, in stores, breweries, dog parks, etc. I can’t thank Emily enough for the peace of mind she’s given me and Poppy! Highly recommend to anyone that needs some extra support with training.

If you want a militantly rigid obedience course taught by overly serious people, don’t go to GoAnywhere Dog classes. If, however, you want relevant—and fun— training for life with your pooch, this is the place for you and your dog. The instructors create a relaxed yet focused environment that maximizes every moment as a teachable one. While the course and each component is intentionally scaffolded and sequenced, the instructors are responsive to and flexible with the learning needs of each puppy. We have completed Life Skills 101 and 201 and have started 301. We are petitioning for Go Anywhere Dog to start a graduate program so that we can continue with our Blackmouth Cur/Shepherd/??? puppy.

I am so impressed and happy with Go Anywhere Dog and Jody. I help run a dog rescue and have worked with a few trainers but was never 100% on board. When we foster failed- meaning we kept our foster puppy- I decided to look for and try a new trainer. I needed some help with a few things so I signed up for an in home training session and it was AWESOME! Jody is fantastic- so good with the dogs, easy to work with, listens and responds thoughtfully, explains things easily and works wonders. I also signed us up for basic training level 1- LOVE IT. The class is great - Jody explains as she demonstrates, makes everyone feel comfortable and makes it fun. There is an important emphasis on socialization and how to help your dog be a comfortable Go Anywhere Dog. Fantastic training program!

It has been amazing watching my puppy develop and learn social skills with Jody and Jeannie. Utilizing positive reinforcement to obtain wanted behaviors and understanding the dogs point of view really made sense to me! Have completed “Puppy” and “Level 1 Obedience” and I’m in awe of our pups progression! We highly recommend Go Anywhere Dog!

Jody is great! You can tell that she genuinely cares about the work she is doing, and meeting your dog where they are. The best part is that there are videos and homework to do at home, the learning and help doesn’t just end when you walk out of the class. Highly Recommend!

We consider ourselves incredibly lucky to have found Jody and Jeannie at Go Anywhere Dog. Our puppy was extremely afraid...of everything. People, garbage cans, thunderstorms--everything. Her fear came out as aggression. Other training options (which we tried initially) wanted us to use outdated training techniques, which only made things worse. And the aggressiveness they wanted us to use against this fearful dog didn't feel right to us. And then we found Jody. Within the first 2 sessions, we started to see a change in our puppy. And Jody taught us so much about recent research on dog training. We now have a happy, confident puppy who is doing so incredibly well and no longer has fear based tendencies. We drive over 30 minutes to our weekly puppy classes, it is WELL worth the time and effort. Be cautious of people trying to teach you to train your dog using the same methods as they did 30 years ago. We know more about dog behavior now and Jody is an expert in this field. We HIGHLY recommend.

Jody and Jean are honestly two of the most wonderful people we have ever met and our puppy adores them. Someone recommended Go Anywhere Dog to us and now we recommend it to everyone we meet! Our puppy has been there for 10 weeks now and we will continue with Level 2 next week. It's amazing how excited our puppy gets when he sees the front door, but even more amazing to see the progress him and his classmates have had this summer. They care so much about the dogs as well as their parents. I truly appreciate how well these two women can teach us to train our puppies and answer all of our sometimes silly questions but still show the utmost respect for everyone in the room including the dogs. We feel very equipped to handle and train our puppy every day because they make sure that we have plenty of resources and have all of our questions answered before we leave class each week.

“Opened our eyes”

The techniques we have learned from Jody and Jeannie have opened our eyes to a different approach to dog training, and have helped us understand dog behavior. The group training sessions have been a perfect mix of work and play not only for our dog, but for us as dog owners. The eCourse training videos are very useful and have allowed us to work with our dog at home one step at a time. We’ve seen such a great progression in our dog which is why we highly recommend Jody and her Go Anywhere Dog team!

– Kelly Tierney / Baliey’s Mom, Minneapolis, MN

An absolutely wonderful team of incredibly gifted, talented and knowledgable behaviorists. It is very clear that they do what they do for the good of dogs. Would recommend to any and all!

Jody is the absolute best. Beyond compare. She will help you make your dog the toast of the town. If you follow through on her advice, you will have the best dog ever. We would love our dog Gary regardless, but thanks to Jody, he IS a very good boy. Possibly the best boy ever.

You could not have a better trainer or training experience. Jody is a real pro and an amazing teacher. I highly recommend Go Anywhere Dog.

All the dogs who I groom who have been trained here are very well behaved and a pleasure to handle on my table. I would recommend the Go Anywhere Dog team to anyone. Thanks for making the dogs happy!

Jody and Jeannie are amazing! I’ve worked along side both these ladies and learned so much. They really have a passion for what they do and it shows! So professional, friendly and easy to follow along with them. They are my go to for anything dog related!

Here is a marriage of high high quality information with smart, user-friendly delivery, and on a topic dear to my heart: dog behavior and training. My fervant hope is to see Go Anywhere Dog change many thousands of dogs’ and guardians lives and knowing how good the team is, I’m willing to bet on it.

I cannot speak highly enough of Jody from Go Anywhere Dog. She came into our life shortly after our Shichon puppy Pippa. She helped us navigate those adorable, but challenging early puppy days. Not only did Jody assist with potty training and teach Pippa not to chew on everything, she also helped with Pippa’s socialization with other dogs by taking her on fun playdates. While I value Jody’s training expertise and love for Pippa, I also really appreciate her non-judgmental way of working with families to make sure they have a great experience welcoming a dog into their lives. Without hesitation I would recommend her services (in fact I have recommended 5 or 6 friends)!

We have never had a dog. These classes have been amazing for our new puppy. We started at puppy socialization class and are now moving on to level 2! We fully intend to go all the way through, probably through therapy dog classes. Jody KNOWS our dog. She is so incredibly helpful in troubleshooting issues at home, on walks, etc., You will not get a more personalized class or well educated trainer! The values at the core of this company are simple to understand and are easily taught. We feel confident in our abilities. We feel so at ease in our home and our pup is only 6 months old!

I've been using Jody for approximately 7 months directing the training of my now 10 month old puppy. I've used her for private training and class work. She's simply the BEST! There's no comparison to the other training groups that I've attended. She's smart and insightful, uses evidence-based training methods of positive reinforcement, teaches common-sense everyday-useful obedience, and most of all, she makes it FUN!

Jody Karow came in when we were growing our dog daycare and dog boarding business, developing from a few dogs to the five playrooms we have now. Jody has become my personal mentor. Being a graduate of The Academy for Dog Trainers with Jean Donaldson brings enormous knowledge. This not only helps the dogs and the owners enjoy training, but it’s proven to be most effective to get the behaviors we would like to see more often. Jody does an impeccable job teaching others this. I have firsthand watched her modify a dog’s behavior and I have recommended her to many of our clients. They’ve come back better dogs and happier customers. The dogs enjoy daycare more. It is wonderful.

I have had two private training sessions with Jody and I am now halfway through her basic obedience class at Bone Adventure in NE Mpls. We have been working on leash pulling/frustration and general manners for our 1 1/2 year old rescue pup. We attended another leash and obedience class but Jody’s approach is much better. I love the off leash classroom and positive reinforcement on the leash. Our dog has made enormous strides with her leash walking and jumping up on humans (the two big issues we have faced). Jody is compassionate and practical. She’s terrific with both dogs and humans, gives very clear advice, has videos to explain and demonstrate, and she loves helping dogs and humans live together. I hope to continue through the Canine Good Citizen sequence.

DogSense Online is an incredible resource for our foster parents. The videos help them get their foster dogs started on the right foot or paw! Jody makes learning fun and easy. She uses great analogies that explain things in way that is easy to understand and easy to remember. We’ve needed a resource like this for a long time and are so excited to see what Jody and the Go Anywhere Dog team do next!”

Go Anywhere Dog will change the way dog owners think about how they communicate and teach their dogs. It sweeps away the myths and complexity and unlocks the secret of making effective training sheer fun. It’s a fabulous resource and one that the dog loving world has long been waiting for.

We love working with Jody! She is professional yet fun and you can tell she loves what she does. Our dog loves Jody and being in class with the other dogs. As a first time dog owner I love how Jody teaches us to understand what is going on in our dogs mind. Jody teaches skills that really work!

Working with Jody Karow, has been really amazing! It was an eye opening experience for coming in with lots of natural talent with dogs but not having any hardcore knowledge or skills. Jody would ask us to do something to modify a dog’s behavior and at first you think: “How is this ever going to work?” If you did exactly what she asked you to do, you would immediately see results. Giving her that trust, it was eye opening and I’ve learned so much from her. Jody does not use fear tactics – no shouting, clapping, stomping or loud noises. She really motivates the dog to want to change their behavior with treats, toys or even just a very happy voice – whatever motivates that particular dog. A huge thing she helped us with is not getting frustrated, instead to step back and look at things from a different perspective and come up with a plan. She always trains with a plan. The dogs love her, she has such a positive attitude and patience with them. They're always going to learn. They'll come straight to her when she enters the dog daycare playroom. Even if she doesn’t have treats and toys, they just really enjoy her. I have never seen a dog she could not help. She’s never afraid to take on a challenge. She wants to do what’s going to be best for each dog and help you to have the relationship that you always pictured in your head. She really takes those dreams become reality.

I hardly know where to begin with my praise of Jody and Go Anywhere Dog. My husband and I got our first-ever puppy and had no clue! We tried 3 different trainers with mixed success, when thankfully we were referred to Jody. Her approach is just right for us, and more importantly for our dog. She is extremely knowledgeable, really understands dogs and their behavior, and is able to train both dog and owner in a fun, relaxed and effective way. We have had a few private lessons and then transitioned to several group, off-leash classes at Bone Adventure with Jody and Jeannie, including a Canine Good Citizen series. We’ve also participated in her awesome online “Fido Come!” course, where Jody provides a series of step-by-step online videos that teach a systematic way of achieving a reliable recall for your dog. For our group of participants, she established a private facebook group where we could share experiences, pictures, and pose questions for Jody. I never thought my dog, who generally would blow me off when I told her to come, would come bounding to me at the first request, but she does! (most of the time:) One more thing: a couple of times when I had a rather urgent issue, Jody spent time on the phone with me and/or was willing to private message on FB to help – beyond the call of duty, in my opinion, for a very busy trainer. I recommend Jody and DogSense Online without reservation.

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